Material replacement: rigid polyurethane as a winning answer

Structural Polyurethane seems to be a valid alternative to sheet metal for casings and coverings, as it offers the same qualities of strength and strength with an incredible freedom of design.
Structural polyurethane, for example, has been used successfully for the design of multimedia totems for both exteriors and interiors, replacing the sheet metal. A project, in which all the experience and knowledge of this material was put to use.

For this project the choice was to use the polyurethane only for the central console with the aim of making the interface with the user ergonomic and functional and at the same time guaranteeing an adequate strength, containing the investment.
For the rear part, the 110 ribbed baydur was used to make it resistant to mechanical stress and also to shocks.
The design of the mold, with 3 tessellated zones, allowed to implement various solutions to cover the customer’s needs for the different uses of the user interface.
Extreme care for the creation of the seat of the gaskets that join the polyurethane to the sheet metal to make the totem as airtight as possible to protect it from the elements.

An example project of metal replacement where the polyurethane has replaced the metal sheet improving, with respect to the previous sheet metal production, assembly and delivery times and thus being in step in a competitive way with the demand, all creating significant advantages in economic terms.

Design and ergonomics have found fertile ground exploiting at best the peculiarities of the polyurethane formulations 110 and 60, both in self-extinguishing certficated version.

The Baydur 110 is excellent for resisting stresses and impacts, while Baydur 60 was the solution for the most aesthetic details with higher thicknesses to support a design that required more insulating thicknesses.
There are projects in aluminum die-cast molds in order to obtain more different shapes: for example for the door instead of using 4 molds 4 blocks were created in a single mold that allowed to create 4 different shapes according to need, with a considerable reduction of costs.