Structural polyurethane its advantages

A single solution for many problems: all the advantages of structural polyurethane
A material that molds according to your creativity and allows you to create design objects, even the most daring. Many solutions for complex problems:

More free design without specific constraints deriving from technology. allows the creation of highly complex geometries, enhancing the design of the printed product.

It allows the realization of large parts with exceptional fidelity in the reproducibility in series of small, medium and large parts

It allows the realization of small fights requiring aluminum or resin molds much cheaper than steel ones used in other injection molding

Allows modifications to the mold

Possibility to vary wall thicknesses in the same detail

Robustness, strength and lightness of the product-printable with other perfectly homogeneous materialisers that allow you to carry out a high quality painting

Paintings and finishes of any kind

Mass coloring and varnishing of the product in the mold as inert waste (not dangerous)