The electro-medical sector uses rigid polyurethane

In a sector where technology, performance, functionality and the need to satisfy various certifications are essential requirements, Structural Polyurethane is the master, fully exploiting all its peculiarities: freedom of design, strength, strength and lightness of the product, co-printability with other materials and high resistance to mechanical stress.

An example is the equipment for gaseous anesthesia that you see in the picture: a project shaped to perfection making the most of the characteristics of a ductile and versatile material such as structural polyurethane, all combined with expertise and experience.

A winning synergy between the customer and the company that has enabled the optimization of know-how and technology and maximizes results in terms of safety, cleanliness, resistance and efficiency: categorical imperatives for the standards required in this specific sector.

In the electromedical field, there is also the need to reconcile, for limited productions, high technical performances, ergonomics and an excellent level of design. The versatile properties of rigid polyurethane and the specialized experience of a suitable partner provide the right answer to many different demanding questions.